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About Warriors Youth Sports


Warriors Youth Sports has been serving the youth of Northern Douglas County since 1967. Warriors is entirely a volunteer organization and is designated a "not for profit" corporation as defined by Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Warriors provide our youth with the opportunity to participate in the following competitive sports: Football, Baseball, Girls Fastpitch Softball, Basketball, Lacrosse and Volleyball.  Warriors Youth Sports is available to all children in our territory including children who may need financial assistance or consideration of scholarships in order to participate.

The Warriors are one of nine members of the community based Arapahoe Youth League (AYL) and we serve the youth of a specific territory in Northern Douglas County. We serve the youth of the following Communities: Acres Green, Chatfield Acres, Chatfield East, Heritage Hills, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, McArthur Ranch, Roxborough, Roxborough Village, Wildcat Ridge, Sterling Ranch (Zip codes 80124, 80125, 80126, 80129, 80130)

For more specific information on the Warriors territory, including a listing of the elementary and middle schools we serve, please use the navigation bar and select "Our Territory".

The Warriors are headquartered in Douglas County, Colorado with the address as follows:

Warriors Youth Sports
c/o John Gleason
8160 Blakeland Drive, Unit A
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80125



The philosophy of the Warriors organization is very simple to state. We believe that the focus of our organization, Board members, Coaches, administrators, volunteers, and participants should be on the development of the specific skills associated with the particular sport of choice such that all of the participants are the best-prepared athletes in their sport when they advance into high school.  Warriors Youth Sports is available to all children in our territory including children who may need financial assistance or consideration of scholarships in order to participate. 


Warriors are managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the elected members of the Executive Committee. The Warrior team also includes Sport Directors, Assistant Sport Directors, and Coordinators. Membership in the Warriors is provided to any person who is the parent or legal guardian of a child participating in the activities organized and sponsored by the Warriors organization as well as any Head coach or assistant Coach who is not otherwise a member. The Executive Committee may also approve additional members from outside the above definition should these individuals be deemed to provide significant value to the operation of the Warriors organization.


The objectives of this organization are as follows:

*  To provide organization, administration and the supervision of programs allowing for the participation in sports by the youth of our community.

*  To advocate the highest ideals of sportsmanship.

*  To advance the mental and physical development of our youth through the participation in sports.

The Warriors and the AYL strive to provide the most positive experience possible for our youth through careful selection of our Coaches, extensive use of parent feedback in evaluating their performance, encouraging parent involvement, and the adherence to the specific sport rules. Each sport has specific rule governing their operation, all designed to enhance the experience of our participants. Should you wish to review any of our sport rules please click here: www.aylsports.org


Sponsorships or Contributions - Use of Charitable Deduction Status


1. Should an individual or entity wish to sponsor a particular team, program or individual player any contribution must be made payable to the team or individual, not to Warriors Youth Sports.  If the contribution is payable to Warriors Youth Sports it is the sole property of Warriors Youth Sports.


2. Contributions or sponsorships to individual teams or programs are not tax deductible.  Use of the Warriors Youth Sports 501(C)(3) status for individual teams or programs is forbidden.


3. Contributions or sponsorships payable solely to Warriors Youth Sports are tax deductible.


Team or Program Bank Accounts


1. Team bank accounts are discouraged.  If a team or program does have a bank account it may not include or use the name Warriors Youth Sports or in any way imply an association with Warriors Youth Sports.